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July 6, 2020

Top 5 Sex Positions for Anal Sex

According to a recent survey 69% of Aussie men and 45% of Aussie women fantasise about anal sex.  And thanks to our friends at Pornhub we know that it’s the fifth most common search term for men and the eighth most common for women.

So what are the best positions to explore & enjoy anal sex? Let’s assume everyone is keen for some back door action, you’ve done the prep and used plenty of lube. Different positions will work best for different people depending on body shape, fitness and their likes / dislikes but there are a few positions which work really well.


Magic Mountain

Start off by constructing your mountain by piling firm pillows one on top of the other. The mountain needs to be high enough so that when the receiver lies on them face down there is a natural arch in their back. The penetrating partner enters from behind (with their legs on the outside of the receiver’s legs) and forms to the shape of the receiving partner with their chest on their back and arms resting on the receiver’s arms. We love this position – it’s a great angle with lots of skin to skin contact.


The Curled Angel

Think spooning, but like when you bend the spoon while trying to dig out ice cream that’s frozen solid.

This intimate position is very comfortable for both of you as you’re lying down on your side and enjoying plenty of skin-to-skin contact. The receiver should curl up with their knees close to their chest, which moves them into the perfect position for receiving and leaves the hands free for a little extra stimulation in the front.

The Clip or Riding the Saddle

This is an ideal anal newbie position and one for amazing anal sex. The receiver positions themselves over their partner who is on their back with legs together. This position allows for a lot of pleasure but best of all it puts the receiver in control, allowing them to keep the pace comfortable and slow to start.


On the stomach

When you see anal in porn, it’s usually doggy style – but this is largely just because it looks great on camera. On the stomach is similar enough that it feels incredible, but usually a little more comfortable for both parties.

Receiver, lie on your stomach with your legs together. Get comfy. Your man (or woman with a strap on) is going to sit astride you and ride you from behind while you enjoy the double whammy of being taken and of being incredibly comfortable. Add a pillow under your hips for extra access, and add a vibrating toy for bonus stimulation.


The Anvil

Is there anything missionary can’t do? If you love the face-to-face intimacy of this position, there’s no reason why you can’t recreate it with anal. It will take a touch more flexibility by the receiver as they lift their legs – either up to your own chest or onto the shoulders of the giver .

This position gives the receiver plenty of scope to both control the penetration and speed things up for extra force when the time is right.


Great back door play means having great lubes and products that will make the fun possible. The first rule being lubricant – and lots of it. This isn’t a time for a drop or two – get lots of lube down there and on your partner – and keep applying whenever you need to.

So what lubes?

If it’s just partners for play then a good quality silicone lube will be what you need.

If you’re playing with silicone toys you’re best sticking to a water-based lube and it should be one that is a little thicker so it doesn’t dry out too fast.


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