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June 11, 2020

Preparing for Anal Sex – Anal Douching

What is douching?

Anal douching is the act of cleaning your asshole to prepare for anal sex. The aim of douching is to minimize the chance of shit and/or bad smells from ruining your anal sex session. Most douches use simple water to clean out your rectum, with the doucher “squeezing” or “pooping out” the water multiple times throughout the process. This is designed to flush out small or large pieces of shit which would otherwise disrupt anal sex.

Different types of anal douche

There are 4 main types of anal douche that you’ll come across for use when you are preparing for anal sex.

These are:

  • Shower Enemas – douche nozzles that attach to your shower hose
  • Enema Bulbs – bulb-shaped enemas that are commonly used before anal sex
  • Fleet Enemas – medical enemas filled with special saline solution
  • Enema Bags – old-fashioned enema bags which are a little outdated and slow

I firmly believe that shower enemas and enema bulbs are the best options to prepare your anus for penetration. If you’re a first time or experienced anal sex connoisseur, male or female, then these are the enemas I’d recommend. For the purpose of this article I will concentrate on the Enema Bulb which is my first choice for use.

How to Use an Enema Bulb for Anal Douching

Using an enema bulb is similar to using a shower enema, but it takes a little bit longer on average. However, enema bulbs are generally quite safe and easy to use. They’re also very easy to pack and take on trips so you can clean your asshole on the go if your hotel shower isn’t compatible with a shower douche nozzle.

1. Fill up your bulb

Take off the spout section and fill your bulb up to the top with lukewarm water. As with all douching, the water should not be too hot or too cold. Once it’s filled to the top, re-attach the spout and keep it upright to stop water from leaking out.

2. Lube up

Lube up the tip of the spout and/or your asshole before insertion. You might want to finger your asshole for a couple of minutes with lube to help it get warmed up for the the anal douche.

3. Remove any air

Grab the bulb enema in your hand and gently squeeze the bulb until a small amount of water comes out the end. This helps to remove any air in the nozzle before insertion.This is the same principle as doctors always squeezing a bit of liquid out of a syringe before an injection – injecting air into your bloodstream can be fatal. You won’t die if you push air into your ass, but you will probably fart a bit.

4. Insert the spout

Gently insert the lubed up spout about 1-2 inches inside your asshole – not too far. Stop if it feels uncomfortable.

5. Squeeze the bulb

Squeeze the bulb firmly, forcing the water inside your asshole. You might need to squeeze the bulb quite hard to do this, and it’s normal for cheaper bulbs to leak a little bit during this process. Once you’ve squeezed all you can, remove the spout.

6. Hold it in

Just like with the shower enema, try to squeeze your ass and hold the water in for 30 seconds to 2-3 minutes if possible. Again, jumping up and down (if it’s safe to do so) may help to get the water cleaning your insides more effectively.

7. Squirt it out

Squirt out the water into your uncovered shower drain or toilet, depending on your preference. Bear in mind that you may need to deal with large pieces of poop, so the toilet is usually the safest option.

8. Rinse and repeat

Repeat this process until the water comes out clear and clean, smelling like water rather than shit. You will probably need to do this 2 or 3 times.

9. Clean your asshole!

Use a baby wipe or soap and water to clean your exterior asshole once you’re done. Just don’t use toilet paper, as it tends to leave small paper fibers on your hole which aren’t exactly erotic.



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